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ESG & Sustainability
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Sustainability & Environmental and Social Governance
Join the movement for a better future with pension that focuses on sustainability and ESG. By combining your payroll and auto enrolment pension, you’ll be taking the fastest and most effective step towards a greener future.
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Investing in a Better Future
By default, your employees’ and your employer pension contributions are invested in companies that are highly rated for environmental sustainability, relationships with stakeholders, attitudes to human rights, supply chain labour standards and the countering of bribery. Controversial industries, such as fossil fuels and coal, are avoided.

It is also possible for employees to downgrade their Sustainability score and choose less strict considerations that will guide their pension and retirement - but ESG integrations will always be there.
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Sustainable Investments that Change with You
Critically, the Collegia Pension reflects where workers are in their personal retirement journey. As a rule of thumb, their investments are more adventurous when they are younger and, as retirement approaches, they become more cautious.

In order to ensure investments are in sustainable funds, Collegia is unique in that it has the UK’s only sustainable Target Date Funds – workers select the age when they want to retire, and the technology takes care of everything else.
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World-Class Investments
Collegia funds are managed by AllianceBernstein – one of the World’s most trusted investment firms – and HSBC – one of the World’s biggest banking conglomerates.

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